Rejuvenation Day (face and body)


Body scrub with honey or Dead Sea salts (thalasso) 

- Rejuvenated, smooth, radiant skin 

- Activation of the microcirculation 

25 mins 

DOT Unique Skin

The tailor-made face treatment for instantly rejuvenated skin 

- Professional skin analysis and beauty consultation (you will also receive a certificate of your facial health) 

- personalized face scrub 

- polyvinyl face mask with 2 beauty boosters to choose from: anti-aging, anti-age spot, impure skin, sensitive skin 

- deep moisturizing and plumping action with hyaluronic acid 

- multivitamin (vit A+E+C) serum with brightening effect 

- lifting massage with face cream application 

80 mins 

250 chf