Your body wants only the best

At DOT.Spa, you'll find a range of highly personalized treatments to meet the needs of every individual: special facials, wellness programs for couples and weight loss or anti-aging programs. The body isn't the only beneficiary, since the experts at DOT.Spa have also created ideal treatments for your mind, with innovative ideas tailored to provide relaxation, do away with stress and fatigue, and simple pamper yourself.

The DOT Spa wellness offer is also recognized by the major health insurers: book your classic massage and you can request a reimbursement.



Silhouette is synonymous of a healthy, oxygenated, well-cared-for body that follows a balanced diet and gets enough exercise. To keep the skin youthful, firm and toned, you must pamper it, purifying the pores with exfoliating scrubs and revitalizing and energizing massages.

Rubbing, kneading, and different types of pressure are alternated and combined in this deep massage that obtains effective firming and revitalizing results for the entire body.

The ultimate slimming treatment thanks to the draining and purifying properties of sea weed.

Targeted massage movements cleanse, purify and renew the body, unblocking lymphatic drainage points and allowing the lymph to flow more freely through our body. This treatment is important for reactivating the immune system and should be repeated in cycles with the changing seasons to remove accumulated waste from the tissues.

Warm, inviting, healthy mud treatments drain accumulated toxins and purify the body.

AgeLOC® targets the ultimate sources of ageing to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing.Helps smooth the appearance of cellulite for a more contoured looking body.



The sensation of stroking smooth, clean skin is absolutely priceless. Let yourself be pampered by a range of beauty treatments designed to smooth, drain and make the appearance of your skin softer. Through an accelerated form of exfoliation, using only purely natural elements, your skin will be rejuvenated.

As sweet and natural as the honey and brown sugar in its formula, this scrub is the best ally for hydrating and nourishing the skin, which becomes softer, suppler, and firmer.

The nature of the Ticino territory offers total wellbeing through this scrub with micro-granules from walnut shells and its main active ingredient Vitis Vinifera that renews cells, stimulates blood flow, and purifies the deepest layers of the derma.

All the exfoliating capacity of Dead Sea salt and its detoxifying and purifying properties are found in this treatment. Blood circulation is instantly reactivated, which restores a sense of wellbeing that the body craves. The treatment helps improve drainage of the tissues and prepares the skin for new treatments.
Warm, inviting, healthy mud treatments drain accumulated toxins and purify the body.



Votre bien-être du visage est essentiel, car elle vous présente le monde, mettant en valeur votre beauté, votre santé et votre état d'esprit. DOT.Spa a mis au point une gamme de soins spécialement conçus pour votre bien-être du visage : nettoyant, apaisant, atténuant les marques de fatigue et de vieillissement.

Intensely moisturising and regenerating polyvinyl mask:
  • Promotes natural skin cell regeneration.
  • Increases deep moisturisation.
  • Gives exceptional brightness.
  • Enhanced by specific active ingredients chosen especially for you

This natural, non-invasive treatment gives the face a radiant glow and fine-grained appearance. The delicate scrub with walnut micro-granules and Buddleja extract is a must for renewing cells and fighting free radicals. A hydrating mask with mandelic acid and a nourishing, smoothing deep massage complete the treatment and eliminate signs of daily fatigue.

This exclusive treatment is a genuine wake-up call for the skin thanks to its stabilized active bio-integral cells. Its herbal extracts, magnesium and trace elements from the spring water of the Swiss Alps transform cells into reservoirs full of energy and nutrients. It purifies, detoxifies and restores the balance of the skin's natural functions and naturally boosts the metabolism to renew skin cells. This treatment is definitely a must.

This treatment is a tangible and immediate solution designed to meet the needs of all skin types. Customized techniques and a profusion of luxurious ingredients deeply moisturize and revitalize the skin. The specific, carefully selected sequences of the treatment are adapted to provide visible, lasting benefits.

Choice among:
  • Antistress
  • Purifying
  • Brightening

This treatment is a genuine concentration of youthfulness for the eyes. The patches attenuate expression lines and instantly soothe, moisturize and renew the eye zone. The extraordinary cellular serum reduces dark circles and makes the skin look plumper. It is also ideal for very sensitive eyes.

The highly concentrated active ingredients in its cosmeceutical products ensure visible, extraordinary rejuvenation for skin of any age and type. This new and extremely effective treatment enhances the skin's potential through regenerative cellular multiplication. It fights free radicals, preserves hydration, and improves the skin's resistance in an extraordinary way.

Expert hands and professional products are the winning elements of this express treatment. Fatigue and dullness are magically transformed into radiance e freshness.


Trattamento di coppia

A massage can do wonders. When performed by real professionals, a massage can lend the body vitality, harmony and balance. It's impossible to actually understand its effects without ever having tried it at least once. It is essential that every self-respecting Spa have qualified professionals on hand, with a broad spectrum of personalized massages, as we do at DOT.Spa.

Abandon your body in the hands of our masseurs, allowing them to infuse an emotional serenity and wellbeing.

Also called the happiness massage, this journey amidst the scents of essential oils involves all five senses. It stimulates endorphins and helps restore harmony and balance within the body. Let yourself be enveloped by the fragrances and enjoy the carefully coordinated movements of the massage that will take you to an oasis of relaxation.

Like a harmonious dance, this massage combines several techniques that use different pressures to relax the body, alleviate muscle tension, release energy and free the mind. Afterwards, a sense of wellbeing, vitality and joie de vivre naturally flow again.

This particular type of massage uses muscle relaxing techniques on special areas of the body to improve athletic performance and state of mind. It alleviates muscle tension and, thanks to increased endorphins in the system, it also improves your mood, reduces anxiety, and inhibits sensations of pain.

This highly personalized massage was designed to suit your needs. More intense, deep massages on particularly tense areas are combined with lighter movements on more delicate zones.

Just the thought of chocolate brings a smile to the face. The caffeine and theobromine in chocolate stimulate the central nervous system, improving your mood and encouraging serenity and relaxation. Cocoa also contains precious natural active ingredients: cocoa butter is emollient, nourishing, hydrating, and protective and it also has anti-age properties. Mineral salts help firm tissue, while tannin has slimming properties.

Mind and body travel together through time and space. The skin, muscles and even the brain benefit from this ancient technique based on light movements, pressure, and torsion. Physical and mental dimensions unite, reawakening the body's ability to heal itself. The Thai massage helps trigger psychological and emotional reactions that let one get more in touch with their emotions.

This Japanese massage technique, with its powerful ability to restore balance, is like awakening after a long restorative sleep. Very good results are obtained in all painful maladies, from joint paint to headaches. Pressure can be applied with the fingertips, knuckles, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, the elbows or knees, depending on the position and the intensity of stimulation that is sought.

After this massage of the head, face and feet, the body feels renewed. It restores lightness and serenity to facial expressions and it gives the skin a glow and definition. The slow, deep scalp massage is totally relaxing and helps eliminate anxiety and negative thoughts. Stimulation of the soles of the feet helps invigorate the body and alleviate fatigue.

Since time immemorial, heat has been a precious ally for restoring chakras or countering vibrations of negative energy. Smooth stones are the perfect means because they slowly and evenly release their warmth. This holistic massage increases blood circulation and quickly eliminates toxins.

This relaxing, magical moment for two is a wonderful way to unwind and be pampered. Share this memorable experience as a couple or with a close friend to celebrate a special event or to simply get together.

A skillful touch makes the face and décolleté beautiful each day. Special massage techniques restore energy and nourish and revitalize the skin, which immediately appears more radiant, finely textured, and renewed.

This treatment relaxes the muscles and alleviates all those ailments linked to tension and stress such as migraines, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Revitalizing and stimulating, it provides a sense of great wellbeing for people who want to take care of their body in a complete and profound way.

A touch of the South in this massage evoking waves and Mediterranean fragrance, created on a bed of coloured water reproducing the effect of the shoreline.

For mothers-to-be a relaxing, beneficial and soothing treatment for expecting mothers.A natural program which enhances sensitivity and intuition through breathing, contact through soul Massages.A small gift for the baby and the mother.

A complete cure for the back: massage, compresses and stimulation of tissues through warm herbal compresses to relax muscles and improve flexibility of movement.



The mind too seeks its moments of relaxation, a state of tranquility and feelings that benefit the whole body. A virtuous cycle of give and take, magical and spiritual, almost sacred.

DOT.Spa rituals combine the power of nature with the ancient knowledge of traditions and a passion for innovation: transmitting unique emotions, inspiring tranquility and absolute wellbeing, unforgettable sensations to treat yourself to.

This treatment based on goat's milk and butter is a valuable source of vitamins with many minerals, pure ingredients and moisturizing agents. A relaxing and regenerating treatment for face and body skin, for long-lasting protection and moisturizer.

A true masterpiece of nature, born of the traditions that are passed from generation to generation. The effect of lavender is a real miracle, because the essence of its scent invigorates, relaxes, reduces stress expectorant and anticonvulsant.

The full load of energy and contrasts in this treatment activates the metabolism, stimulates circulation and relieves muscle tension. The heat of the anticonvulsant mud pack and steam of the Hammam, contrast with the flavored with mint ice cream that prepares the organism for intense sports massage.

Slimming, firming, effective as aesthetic Bioactivator - this treatment uses all the characteristics of the grapes, which are rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols. The wine therapy with its cleansing effect on the body in combination with cryotherapy and massage is a perfect, comprehensive remise en forme.

Private SPA

Private Spa

A moment of pampering all to yourself. A unique place to enjoy privately, as a couple or in the company of close friends. Ideal for relaxing or arranging an exclusive party to celebrate a very special event. Each of the 4 solutions available are designed for your total relaxation, to make you feel absolutely privileged.

As in the "Tales of a Thousand and One Nights", the Private Spa is magically transformed into a fascinating corner of the Orient. Black soap mousse softens the skin heated by the steam of the hammam and prepares it for a gommage exfoliating treatment that removes all impurities. The hair or face mask made of gasoul and rose water and the massage with Argan oil from Morocco complete this ritual accompanied by the scent of mint tea and the sounds of a lute.

Enjoy the luxurious sensation of exclusive wellbeing and total relaxation shared with your partner in a refined ambiance enveloped in the aromas of select essences. The warm aromatic steam of the Turkish bath is followed by a dip in the hydromassage tub, a candlelit couples massage, and warm herbal teas to be savored during an extraordinary moment just for you.

The Private Spa is an exclusive place where couples or close friends can relax or celebrate a special event. The Turkish bath, hydromassage tub, and relaxation area are available for private use to achieve total wellbeing.



As in any self-respecting Spa, beauty treatments are performed impeccably by highly qualified professionals. Manicures, pedicures, hair removal and make-up: those who enter the Dot.SPA know they'll come out forever changed for the better.

The products used are among the best on the market, and some can be purchased directly at Villa Sassa.

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