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Fitness Courses

For the body and mind.

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The Wellness Club Sassa is the ideal solution for keeping your body is great physical shape.

Not just a fitness center, but the perfect place to dwell on your body's health and wellbeing, under the care of our expert, attentive staff.

At the Wellness Club Sassa, you'll find qualified instructors devoted to your needs, taking you inside the club and introducing you to the use of the fitness equipment.

At any time of day, you'll find at your disposal free services such as fresh fruit, towels, tea, water and herbal drinks in the relaxation area.

Personal trainer

Working out can amount to little without an expert guiding you during your fitness regimen.

At the Wellness Club Sassa, a truly qualified and professional Personal Training service is available.

Sessions with Personal Trainers are much more than just a series of one-on-one meetings. With their experience and advice, you'll be guided through activities that work on your physical, psychological and emotional state.

At the Wellness Club Sassa, Personal Training is a 360° service. Each professional is qualified to help you achieve your personal goals, wellbeing and sports performance.

The comprehensive Personal Training service is divided into 3 different activities: Personal training, Personal Fitness and Personal swimming.

Personal Training

This is the most comprehensive Personal Training service, with instructors dedicated to improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The classic personal training offered in the fitness room is expanded with the dedicated Kinesis Gold Personal Training area, and other functional training equipment.

Persona fitness

This is a Personal Training service that includes all courses offered by the Wellness Club Sassa, both in the gym and in water, but provided on an individual basis: Yoga, Pilates, Pancafit, Step, Power Pump, TRX, Spinning, Hydrobike, aqua aerobics, WES.

Personal Swimming

This is the Personal Training service dedicated to pool and swimming activities.

Each instructor is qualified both for teaching swimming to younger guests and beginners, and helping improve the technique and style of adults.

Courses and activities

In the gym, outdoors and company courses. The Club's activities have something for everyone.

At the Wellness Club Sassa you'll find all the courses you need. The list of activities is growing year by year, with new courses continuously introduced alongside the "classic" irreplaceable favorites. An offering that will satisfy everyone, whether you prefer more traditional courses or are ready to explore new activities.

The courses at the Wellness Club Sassa are also open to companies that believe in "team work," through the "Corporate Wellness" project.

This project aims to improve productivity starting from the most essential human resource - the individual. This concept begins with the notion that every successful company will manage to stand out and emerge, for the quality of their products or brand awareness, and for the people managing their operations: a group of managers who are physically in shape is an essential requirement for the best achievement of corporate objectives.

Fitness courses

To successfully release all the tension accumulated during the day, there's nothing better than a discipline that combines aerobics and martial arts: kicks, punches, knees and elbows, all in an engaging musical crescendo, transforming fighting techniques into a wild dance that's explosive, fun and, of course, provides a healthy release.

Want to develop a stunning physique? GAG - for legs, abs and glutes - is a musical workout that includes cardiovascular and toning exercises focusing on the waist, thighs and hips. It's based on bodyweight exercises, making use of small weights, elastic bands, anklets, steppers and other equipment.

Should you be working on the upper or lower part of the body? With 20 minute lessons for each, this activity concentrates on both, depending on specific and personal needs.

Here's a workout that tones muscles and burns fat. Power Pump is a significant workout variation that works on endurance and muscle toning. It all happens in time to music, making use of barbells with variable weights depending on your ability, progressively graduating workloads.

Can't stop thinking about firm, toned down glutes and legs? Try this workout session for a lift-up effect to the beat of the music.

If you love to pedal, this is the workout for you. An aerobic workout on a stationary bike that simulates hilly and flat terrains. You'll be led through a virtual bike ride, where your concentration and involvement lead your mind to overcome physical fatigue and progressively increase your capability.

Tac Fit is a form of exercise that minimizes the risk of ailments and injuries during training in other sports.

Of military origin, it prepares the body for physical strain, in order to improve strength, endurance and agility, for both athletic and aesthetic purposes.

Looking for a workout that trains the whole body?

Directly from the Navy, here's a total-body training technique that makes use of small equipment. Exercises are performed standing up, on the ground on a mat and using dumbbells or barbells.

Also from Navy military training, this bodyweight workout uses Suspension Training.

A complete training workout that uses gravity and your body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and stability for the central part of the body.

Suitable for all fitness levels, providing optimum performance and highly effective results.


One of the most popular exercise regimens in recent years is certainly Pilates, a workout program that focuses on postural muscles, essential to providing support for the spine. This "Matwork" version differs from traditional Pilates in that the exercises are performed freely on a mat. Helps tone down and render muscles more elastic, correcting posture while strengthening physical attributes.

The innovative workout designed for seniors. Based on combined lessons of non-complex cardiovascular and muscular workouts. Involves the use of small equipment.

Yoga with strain, or strength yoga, depending on the translation. Focuses on a range of physical exercises, with breathing and meditation techniques that imply some level of difficulty in maintaining positions. Helps induce calm and relaxation, even in objectively complex positions.

The evolution of yoga. An activity workout that combines all the benefits of traditional yoga at a mental and musculoskeletal level with a cardiovascular workout adopted from western gymnastics exercises.

A complete workout that conditions the body under the control of the mind.

If you need to improve your posture and breathing, these lessons help loosen muscle tension by acting positively on overall muscle elasticity.

As the name implies, it involves the use of a specific bench (panca).

This discipline helps you achieve greater elasticity and flexibility in the movements of everyday life. Based on an exercise program for muscle strengthening, combined with a range of typical yoga positions that affect the growth, relaxation and stretching of muscles. Involves the use of small equipment typical of Pilates, such as a Swissball, Roller, Ring and Elastic Bands.

A rehabilitative practice that combines the essence of classic Pilates with a personalized re-education program. The exercises focus on the re-education/rehabilitation of the postural muscles.

Courses in the Water

The Wellness Club Sassa has its own exclusive Acquagym, where instructors combine the latest innovations in the field of physical training in the water with increasingly dynamic and motivating lessons. Ideal for improving endurance, coordination and strength.

Traditional Acquagym offers a range of aerobic activities, both free body and using equipment, transferred in the water, making it easier on the joints. Constant effort, combined simultaneously with the massaging effect of water, provides clear benefits to the whole body, which is soon firmed up and toned.

If your main goal is to lose weight and tone your body, Hydrobike is one of the most effective disciplines, especially in view of the warm summer season. Nothing more than a simply spinning workout performed in the pool with a special water bike. Hydrobike provides the beneficial effects of traditional spinning, boosted by being performed in the water.

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